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Gavin Sherlock
GO::AnnotationProvider - abstract base class defining interface for how Annotation information should be provided
GO::AnnotationProvider::AnnotationParser - parses a gene annotation file
GO::Node - provides information about a node in the Gene Ontology
GO::OntologyProvider - abstract base class providing API for the provision on Gene Ontology information
GO::OntologyProvider::OboParser - Provides API for retrieving data from Gene Ontology obo file.
GO::OntologyProvider::OntologyParser - Provides API for retrieving data from Gene Ontology files
GO::TermFinder - identify GO nodes that annotate a group of genes with a significant p-value
GO::TermFinderReport::Html - prints an html table of the results of GO::TermFinder
GO::TermFinderReport::Text - prints results of GO::TermFinder as a text report
GO::Utils::File - simply utility module for dealing with file parsing
GO::Utils::General - provides some general utilities for clients of other GO classes
GO::View - Creates a gif or png image for visualizing the GO DAG
GO::View::GD - a helper class for GO::View to deal with the image
GO::TermFinder::Native in lib/GO/TermFinder/Native.pm
GO::TermFinder::Native::Distributions in lib/GO/TermFinder/Native.pm
GO::TermFinder::Nativec in lib/GO/TermFinder/Native.pm
Changes for version 0.85
    • Add a missing include file into Distributions.cxx that gets
    • complained about on some platforms

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