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Cory G Watson

Changes for version 0.9.0

  • Axis labels
  • Get Axes working and add Axis positioning
  • Set all values to 0 by default in Insets
  • Rename constants CC_* and add TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT and RIGHT for Axis positioning.
  • Add Chart::Clicker::Drawing for some common constants
  • Move HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL to C:C::Drawing as constants
  • Eliminate extraneous drawing ops (paints) from Plot
  • Use an Inset to keep up with 'shrinkage' of inner surface in Plot
  • Enhance Axis with height, orientation, per, tick_values, and width and prepare method that calculates required space.
  • Remove prepare() from Renderer::Base and move most of the arguments to the render() method.
  • Rework Renderers to use the domain and range axes for the values they need for rendering.
  • 'inline' marker drawing
  • Add divvy() to Range.
  • Have Grid use 'main' domain and range axes for it's values.
  • Remove reference to a C:Clicker::prepare sub in the docs
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