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Cory G Watson

Changes for version 2.17

  • POD fixes
  • Split Grid's brush into two separate attributes: range_brush and domain_brush
  • Set an Axis' padding to 5 at the time it is created, zero it out in prepare if hidden. This lets us remove some crufty code from Clicker.pm
  • Set a default color on the Axis' brush
  • Document Axis' tick_label_angle
  • Separate Grid's line drawing into two operations so that each brush can affect the output
  • Remove color from Grid, use each brush to set range/domain color separately
  • Remove some useless code from Plot
  • Add grid_over flag to Clicker.pm to allow grid over/under control
  • Rejigger Axis code so that each Axis' brush size affects it's border
  • Adjust paddings a bit.