Changes for version 2.70

  • Add more examples in the Tutorial (mpeters)
  • Convert to Dist::Zilla & Pod::Weaver
  • Add some missing documentation found in Pod::Weaver conversion
  • Removed a lot of useless ()
  • Take numbers off test names
  • Remove stillborn HeatMap renderer
  • Remove some useless tests
  • Use done_tests
  • Add get_value_for_key to Series
  • Fix name of get_all_series_keys in POD
  • Add get_series_values_for_key to DataSet
  • Change DataSet::get_series_values to return an arrayref
  • Fix an issue where series whose keys don't match cause weird StackedBar results (Fixes RT #57372)
  • Adjust Axis to honor existing minimum_width and minimum_height set on itself (Addresses RT #60279)
  • Add Note to StackedArea regarding the same problem mentioned in RT #57372
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