• GPIB - Perl extension for GPIB devices
  • GPIB::hp33120a - Perl-GPIB module for HP33120A 15MHz function generator
  • GPIB::hp3585a - Perl-GPIB module for HP3585A Spectrum Analyser
  • GPIB::hp59306a - Perl-GPIB module for HP59306A relay actuator
  • GPIB::hpe3631a - Perl-GPIB module HPE3631A power supply
  • GPIB::hpserial - Perl-GPIB interface to many HP instruments with serial ports
  • GPIB::llp - Perl-GPIB interface for Linux Lab Project GPIB device drivers
  • GPIB::ni - Perl-GPIB interface for National Instruments GPIB device drivers
  • GPIB::rmt - Perl-GPIB interface for GPIB access on a remote host