Mojolicious::Plugin::AccessLog Build Status

You might have wondered why Hypnotoad, the Mojolicious application server, does not have an accesslog option. The reason might be, that it is designed to work behing a "real" web server like nginx. In case YMMV, Mojolicious::Plugin::AccessLog is for you.



Stable releases are available from the CPAN.

You can use cpanm to install from the command line:

$ cpanm Mojolicious::Plugin::AccessLog


```perl use Mojolicious::Lite;

plugin AccessLog => log => '/var/tmp/myapp-access.log', format => 'combined';

get '/' => {text => 'I ♥ Mojolicious::Plugin::AccessLog!'};

app->start; ```

More Information

Please look at the manpage.