Astro::PAL -- interface to Starlink PAL C library

This module provides an interface layer to the Starlink PAL positional
astronomy library.

An example program, stime, is provided. This simply reports the
current time (modified Julian day and local sidereal time for the JCMT).


A C compiler is required but the SOFA and PAL source code are included
with the distribution and will be built automatically.


  % perl Build.PL
  % ./Build
  % ./Build test
  % ./Build install

The tests only test part of the build. Some functions remain untested.

See Astro::Coords for a general object-oriented wrapper around Astro::PAL.


The module provides documentation on how to use the perl interface
to PAL. It does not contain information on how to use
PAL itself.

The basic PAL documentation can be found at

For more information the SLA documentation provides much more

A description paper for PAL was published in the ADASS XXII
conference proceedings:

Please consider citing this if you use PAL or this module in your


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The array handling code was written by Karl Glazebrook.