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Changelog for DBIx-Class-Events

v0.9.3 2024-06-11T18:05:09
 - Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Pull request #1: SM-4895 - Foreign Key Constraints on Delete (Andrew
   Hewus Fresh)
 - Reword foreign key LIMITATION (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Update README and LICENSE (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Update Makefile from upstream (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Document some of the caveats about foreign keys (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Fix the delete wrapper with foreign key checks (Andrew Hewus Fresh)

v0.9.2 2019-06-10T19:49:37
 - Fix cpanfile typo (Andrew Fresh)
 - Update files from upstream (Andrew Fresh)
 - Enable SQLite AUTOINCREMENT in tests (Andrew Fresh)
 - Fix .gitignore dist matching (Andrew Fresh)

v0.9.1 2019-03-28T19:05:05
 - Pull in Author::GSG supplied files (Andrew Fresh)
 - Convert to Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::GSG (Andrew Fresh)

v0.9.0 2019-03-01T20:02:12
 - Simplify Makefile (Andrew Fresh)
 - Remove more internal cruft (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add a README (Andrew Fresh)
 - Remove GSG extension from cpanfile (Andrew Fresh)
 - Don't let $Carp::Verbose confuse expected exception (Andrew Fresh)
 - Switch dist.ini to use public plugins (Andrew Fresh)
 - Correct dependencies (Andrew Fresh)
 - Improve description of the two tables (Andrew Fresh)
 - Don't pass all modified columns as event params (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add tests for events with key that matches default (Andrew Fresh)
 - SM-1325: POD edits (Brendan Byrd)
 - SM-1325: Add test dep for JSON::PP (Brendan Byrd)
 - Revert "Optimize state_at to only look for columns we need" (Andrew
 - Remove the `event_columns` method (Andrew Fresh)
 - Switch tests to JSON::PP to avoid cpan dependency (Andrew Fresh)
 - Don't force triggered_on in event_defaults (Andrew Fresh)
 - Spell it column not field (Andrew Fresh)
 - Remove useless version that dzil will set (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add test that event type is required (Andrew Fresh)
 - Use $self and @args consistently in triggers (Andrew Fresh)
 - Optimize state_at to only look for columns we need (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add tests that we optimized the number of next calls (Andrew Fresh)
 - Optimize finding the state_at (Andrew Fresh)
 - Remove test reliant on a newer DateTime feature (Andrew Fresh)
 - Improve documentation. (Andrew Fresh)
 - Create the delete event after deleting (Andrew Fresh)
 - Improve testcoverage Makefile target (Andrew Fresh)
 - Fix .gitignore (Andrew Fresh)
 - Fix name of package to index (Andrew Fresh)
 - Initial implementation of DBIx::Class::Events (Andrew Fresh)
 - Make test init an in-memory database (Andrew Fresh)
 - Move DBIx::Class examples to t/ (Andrew Fresh)
 - Copy DBIx::Class CD Database example (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add boilerplate for module and test (Andrew Fresh)
 - Add a Makefile for easily running tests (Andrew Fresh)
 - Correct gitignore and dist.ini (Andrew Fresh)
 - repository initialized by gitc initialize-repo (Andrew Fresh)