Changelog for Types-Numbers

v1.0.0 2021-06-10T19:13:01
 - Update README / LICENSE (Brendan Byrd)
 - Pull request #1: SM-3106 (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add a small POD correction (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add Types::Common::Numeric analogues, with blessed number support
   (Brendan Byrd)
 - Avoid an potential "uninitialized value" warning (Brendan Byrd)
 - Add perl to cpanfile (Brendan Byrd)
 - Encourage more list notation for constraint/inline returns (Brendan
 - Remove leftover hidden files (Brendan Byrd)
 - Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Pull in extra ignores from our MintingProfile (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Unignore and commit Makefile (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
 - Fix PerlNum unit test failure on blessed numbers while using
   _strict_check (Brendan Byrd)
 - Switch from 3->4 spaces per indent (Brendan Byrd)
 - Convert module to use GSG DZIL framework (Brendan Byrd)

v0.940.0 2014-10-02T03:38:13
 - No changes found

v0.94 2014-10-02T03:38:13
 - Minor DZIL fixes, including IRC resource (fixes #1) (Brendan Byrd)
 - Minor cleanup (Brendan Byrd)

v0.93 2013-10-20T18:07:54
 - Change inf tests to TODO tests for Win32/INF/looks_like_number bug Fix
   up some v-string requirement errors (Brendan Byrd)
 - Convert lower priority and/or to &&/|| Fix uninitialized warnings from
   perl -w and BlessedNum (Brendan Byrd)
 - Upgrade Math::BigFloat version to v1.65 Fix docs (sprintf + parens
   around param types) (Brendan Byrd)

v0.92 2013-10-13T03:33:24
 - Convert docs to use header hieriarchy + some additions (Brendan Byrd)
 - Fix all of the "long double" E notation issues (Brendan Byrd)
 - Move SAFE_NUM_* constants directly to Math::BigInt Remove incorrect
   documentation on Char about UTF-8 / Latin1 (Brendan Byrd)
 - Fix E notation problems with 64-bit integers and $_NumRange_perlsafe
   (Brendan Byrd)

v0.91 2013-10-06T20:54:13
 - Fix IntLike with 64-bit safe integers that are still displayed in E
   notation (Brendan Byrd)

v0.90 2013-10-06T05:52:22
 - Initial, finished version (Brendan Byrd)
 - Completely working (sans docs) (Brendan Byrd)
 - Initial draft (Brendan Byrd)
 - Initial commit (Brendan Byrd)