TFTP, version 1.0b1

	Copyright (c) 1998 G. S. Marzot. All rights reserved.  This program
	is free software; you can use, redistribute and/or modify it under 
	the same terms as Perl itself.

	This is a perl module (completely implemented in perl) to
provide the client functionality of the TFTP protocol as described in
rfc783. A class, TFTP, is available which encapsulates the persistent
aspects of a TFTP connection and from which the basic TFTP operations
(get,put) can be initiated.

or your local CPAN site

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test (* not implemented yet *)
	make install


This the first release of this module. It has been tested on Linux and
Solaris (no Win32 yet but it should work). Please let me know of any
problems or success.

The module name is provisional at this point as Net::TFTP is already reserved.


Although this package does a pretty good job of adhering to the
standard it may not be as robust as possible with erroneous servers
(bad NetAscii encoding will not be detected, an infinite looping
server can cause this client to loop as well (this would require an
alarm based timeout I beleieve))

please mail all problems/bugs/success/praise to