This package is internationalized with libintl-perl.  It can be configured
to speak in different languages.  If your language is still missing, you
should take a look into the file "README-NLS" (section "The Translator's
View") where you will find instructions for contributing a translation
into your language to this package.

You can see the translation status of this package for various languages
in the following table.  If your language is completely missing in the
table, your translation will be welcomed as a contribution to the

Translation Status for "simplecal"

Language            | Code  | Status | Current Translator 
German              | de    | A | C  | Guido Flohr

Legend: The status is displayed in two columns.  The left column informs
you whether somebody is already in charge of that translation, the right
columns reflects the status of the translation itself.

Left:  (O) - Orphaned:  The translation needs a new maintainer.  You?
       (A) - Assigned:  The translation already has a maintainer.

Right: (C) - Complete:  All messages are translated.
       (M) - Mostly:    Most (all important) messages are translated.
       (P) - Partially: The translation is only partially done.
       (-) - Missing:   No translation is currently available.

Messages for missing translations will be displayed in English.