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Revision history for Perl extension Mail::Verp.
0.06 Fri Jun 19, 2007
  - Make class methods use default separator as advertised.
    Thanks to Peter Leonard <pete -at->
  - Allow correct decoding of addresses with embedded equals sign (=).
    Thanks to Joe Edmonds <joe -at->
  - Added more and better tests!
0.05 Wed Aug 17, 2005
 - Add accessor and parameter setting for separator.
   Thanks to Daniel Senie <dts -at-> 

0.04 Tue Nov 11 2003
  - Simpler solution for case insensitivity decoding.

0.03 Tue Nov 11 2003
  - Decode case insensitively: some MTAs lowercase the bounce address.
    Thanks to Adam Augustine <adama -at->
  - Changed author email address.

0.02 Fri Aug  8 22:56:52 2003
  - Fixed possible bug to allow for multiple hyphens in local address
  - Expanded and clarified documentation

0.01 Wed Apr 16 16:02:50 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
	-X -b 5.0.0 -O -nMail::Verp