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Kartik Thakore
AUTHORS - Copyright © 2000-2010 The Frozen-Bubble Team.
Changes - Revision history for Games-FrozenBubble
INSTALL - installation instructions
README - Frozen-Bubble
README - basic information for users prior to downloading
frozen-bubble - arcade/reflex game
frozen-bubble-editor - a level editor for Frozen Bubble
Games::FrozenBubble - arcade/reflex game - THIS IS A BETA VERSION
Games::FrozenBubble::NetDiscover - high performance server discovery plugin for frozen bubble
Games::FrozenBubble::Config in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/Config.pm
Games::FrozenBubble::CStuff in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/CStuff.pm
Games::FrozenBubble::LevelEditor in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/LevelEditor.pm
Games::FrozenBubble::MDKCommon in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/MDKCommon.pm
Games::FrozenBubble::Net in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/Net.pm
Games::FrozenBubble::Stuff in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/Stuff.pm
Games::FrozenBubble::Symbols in lib/Games/FrozenBubble/Symbols.pm

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