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Linas Valiukas
worker.pl - Start GJS worker
Gearman::JobScheduler - Gearman job scheduler utilities.
Gearman::JobScheduler::AbstractFunction - An abstract class for a Gearman "function" which is to be derived by working Gearman "functions".
Gearman::JobScheduler::Admin - Gearman administration utilities.
Gearman::JobScheduler::Configuration in lib/Gearman/JobScheduler/Configuration.pm
Gearman::JobScheduler::ErrorLogTrapper in lib/Gearman/JobScheduler/ErrorLogTrapper.pm
Gearman::JobScheduler::Worker in lib/Gearman/JobScheduler/Worker.pm
Changes for version 0.16
  • Add basic, sanity checking unit tests.
  • Add compile test.
  • Fix list of module dependencies.
  • Fix support for Perl 5.19+.
  • Remove support for "timeout()" subroutine because it wasn't working as
    • expected.

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