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Kent Fredric
Gentoo::Dependency::AST - Convert a canonicalized (R|P|)DEPEND into an Abstract Syntax Tree
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node - An Abstract Syntax Tree Node
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node::Dependency - A single Gentoo dependency atom
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node::Group::And - A Group of dependencies of which, all are required
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node::Group::NotUse - A group of dependencies that require a useflag disabled to trigger require
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node::Group::Or - A group of dependencies which only one is required
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node::Group::Use - A group of dependencies that require a useflag to be required
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::Node::TopLevel - A root node that contains all other nodes
Gentoo::Dependency::AST::State - Temporal Tree State controller
Changes for version 0.001001
  • 00 Trivial
    • Add MetaPOD annotations and graphs.
    • Change travis.ci test system

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