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Alex Balhatchet
Geo::Coder::Many - Module to tie together multiple Geo::Coder::* modules
Geo::Coder::Many::Bing - Plugin for the Bing geocoder
Geo::Coder::Many::Generic - Base plugin class
Geo::Coder::Many::Google - Plugin for the google maps geocoder
Geo::Coder::Many::Googlev3 - Plugin for version 3 of the google maps geocoder
Geo::Coder::Many::Mapquest - Mapquest plugin Geo::Coder::Many
Geo::Coder::Many::OSM - OpenStreetMap Nominatim plugin for Geo::Coder::Many
Geo::Coder::Many::OpenCage - OpenCage plugin for Geo::Coder::Many
Geo::Coder::Many::Ovi - Ovi plugin Geo::Coder::Many
Geo::Coder::Many::PlaceFinder - Yahoo PlaceFinder plugin for Geo::Coder::Many
Geo::Coder::Many::Response - standard geocoder response container object
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler - Abstract base class for schedulers.
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::OrderedList - Ordered list scheduler
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::Selective - Scheduler that times out bad geocoders
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::UniquenessScheduler - Scheduler base class which ensures uniqueness
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::UniquenessScheduler::WRR - Weighted Round Robin scheduler (default)
Changes for version 0.46
    • Add support for Geo::Coder::OpenCage

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