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Mariano Wahlmann
Gideon::Manual - Gideon Manual
Gideon::Manual::Creating - Creating objects
Gideon::Manual::Drivers - How to create a driver with Gideon
Gideon::Manual::Finding - Finding objects
Gideon::Manual::Intro - Gideon Manual Intro
Gideon::Manual::Plugins - Gideon Plugins
Gideon::Manual::Removing - Removing objects
Gideon::Manual::Updating - Updating objects
Gideon - Data mapper for Moose classes an objects
Gideon::Driver - Gideon Driver Interface
Gideon::Driver::DBI - Gideon DBI driver
Gideon::Exception - Gideon Exceptions
Gideon::Meta::Class - Gideon metaclass
Gideon::Meta::Class::Trait::Persisted - Persisted class role
Gideon::Plugin - Plugin base class
Gideon::Plugin::Cache - Cache Plugin
Gideon::Plugin::ResultSet - Plugin for creating Gideon::ResulSet
Gideon::Plugin::StrictMode - Strict mode Plugin
Gideon::Registry - Gideon Store Registry
Gideon::ResultSet - Gideon result set
Gideon::Exception::InvalidOperation in lib/Gideon/Exceptions.pm
Gideon::Exception::NotFound in lib/Gideon/Exceptions.pm
Gideon::Exception::ObjectNotInStore in lib/Gideon/Exceptions.pm
Gideon::Exception::RemoveFailure in lib/Gideon/Exceptions.pm
Gideon::Exception::SaveFailure in lib/Gideon/Exceptions.pm
Gideon::Exception::UpdateFailure in lib/Gideon/Exceptions.pm
Changes for version 0.0.3
  • Fixed bug with Plugins when calling remove method

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