Dispatches commands to the appropriate places


Tools for performing code review using Git as the backend
Comment on a commit in the audit.
Manage global settings and templates for the code selection
Diff the files matched by old and new selection criteria.
Mark a commit previously concerned as approved. Also available as fixed.
Show selection criteria and configuration details for the profile/audit.
Initialize a git-code-review audit repository.
List commits available in the audit.
Manage replies to the code review mailbox.
Move a commit from one profile to another. Also available as mv.
Report overdue commits.
Allows reviewers to select a commit for auditing. Also available as pick.
Manage profiles for the code selection
Generate an audit report and optionally update Jira tickets.
Select commits for review as per the configured selection criterion.
Show the audit history for a commit.
Show the Git::Code::Review::Tutorial
Notification framework
Notification by email
Notification to JIRA
Notification plugin that outputs the message to STDOUT
How to work Git::Code::Review
Tools for performing code review using Git as the backend
Date calculation and manipulations


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