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Kent Fredric
Git::PurePerl::Walker - Walk over a sequence of commits in a Git::PurePerl repo
Git::PurePerl::Walker::Method::FirstParent - Walk down a tree following the first parent.
Git::PurePerl::Walker::Method::FirstParent::FromHEAD - Start at the HEAD of the current repo.
Git::PurePerl::Walker::OnCommit::CallBack - Execute a sub() for each commit
Git::PurePerl::Walker::OnCommit::List - Execute an ordered list of OnCommit events.
Git::PurePerl::Walker::Role::HasRepo - An entity that has a repo
Git::PurePerl::Walker::Role::Method - A method for traversing a git repository
Git::PurePerl::Walker::Role::OnCommit - An event to execute when a commit is encountered
Git::PurePerl::Walker::Types - Misc utility types for Git::PurePerl::Walker
Changes for version 0.002000
  • Git::Changes
    • 48225024 Tidy (Kent Fredric)
    • 474f7725 Tidyup / Critic (Kent Fredric)
    • d059f592 Update Changelog (Kent Fredric)
    • a53fe247 Add a ChangeLog format emitter (Kent Fredric)
    • 3387631d Document FromHEAD Method (Kent Fredric)
    • 77e5a1a9 add a FromHEAD method walker that doesn't need consttructor args (Kent Fredric)

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