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Jacques Germishuys
Git::Raw - Perl bindings to the Git linkable library (libgit2)
Git::Raw::Blame - Git blame class
Git::Raw::Blame::Hunk - Git blame hunk class
Git::Raw::Blob - Git blob class
Git::Raw::Branch - Git branch class
Git::Raw::Commit - Git commit class
Git::Raw::Config - Git config class
Git::Raw::Cred - Git credentials class
Git::Raw::Diff - Git diff class
Git::Raw::Diff::Delta - Git diff delta class
Git::Raw::Diff::File - Git diff file class
Git::Raw::Diff::Hunk - Git diff hunk class
Git::Raw::Diff::Stats - Git diff statistics class
Git::Raw::Error - Error class
Git::Raw::Error::Category - Error category class
Git::Raw::Filter - Git filter class
Git::Raw::Filter::Source - Git filter source class
Git::Raw::Graph - Git graph class
Git::Raw::Index - Git index class
Git::Raw::Index::Entry - Git index entry class
Git::Raw::Patch - Git patch class
Git::Raw::PathSpec - Git pathspec class
Git::Raw::PathSpec::MatchList - Git pathspec class
Git::Raw::Push - Git push class
Git::Raw::RefSpec - Git refspec class
Git::Raw::Reference - Git reference class
Git::Raw::Reflog - Git reflog class
Git::Raw::Remote - Git remote class
Git::Raw::Repository - Git repository class
Git::Raw::Signature - Git signature class
Git::Raw::Stash - Git stash class
Git::Raw::Tag - Git tag class
Git::Raw::Tree - Git tree class
Git::Raw::Tree::Builder - Git tree builder class
Git::Raw::Tree::Entry - Git tree entry class
Git::Raw::Walker - Git revwalker class
Changes for version 0.40
    • Tag -> tagger() now returns undef if a tag doesn't have a tagger instead of crashing (GH#103, GH#104)

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