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Changes for version 1.313

    • Add some more unsupported options to Git::Repository::Log::Iterator constructor's blacklist (BJAKUBSKI, via the January 2016 CPAN PRC)
    • Parse 'from' field in the commit line, and add it as the 'diff_from' attribute to Git::Repository::Log (VYF)
    • Minor documentation improvements
    • Prevent system/global configs from messing with test expectations
    • Add [Prereqs / TestRequires] section to dist.ini (PSCUST, via the October 2015 CPAN PRC)
    • Use Test::ReportPrereqs instead of ReportVersions::Tiny
    • Thanks to NEILB for organizing the CPAN Pull Request Contest, which brought several contributions to this release. Check out http://cpan-prc.org/ and join the fun!
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