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Ricardo SIGNES
Global::Context - track the global execution context of your code
Global::Context::AuthToken - an authentication token
Global::Context::AuthToken::Basic - trivial class implementing Global::Context::AuthToken
Global::Context::Env - the global execution environment
Global::Context::Env::Basic - trivial class implementing Global::Context::Env
Global::Context::Stack - the stack of a Global::Context::Env object
Global::Context::Stack::Basic - trivial class implementing Global::Context::Stack
Global::Context::StackFrame - one frame in a stack
Global::Context::StackFrame::Basic - trivial class implementing Global::Context::StackFrame
Global::Context::Terminal - the origin of a request
Global::Context::Terminal::Basic - trivial class implementing Global::Context::Terminal
Changes for version 0.003
    • update repo and bugtracker

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