David Shao Lin Zhuo

Changes for version 1.1.1

  • Use forcearray for anonymous address and item in XMLin. get_addresses dies because XMLin did not return the right data structure when there is only one item or anonymous address.
  • Factory.pm now gives proper error for invalid XML
  • Fixed bug so that it now supports an array of parameterized URLs. Added ParameterizedUrl.pm and deprecated ParameterizedUrls.pm. (See checkout_example5.pl on how specify multiple parameterized URLs)
  • Corrected AddMerchantOrderNumber.pm synopsis documentation
  • Added postal-area support for shipping and tax (See checkout_example5.pl for how to ship to EU countries)
  • Added EU_COUNTRIES to simplify adding EU countries for ShippingRestrictions, AddressFilters and TaxTableAreas
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