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Ron Savage
generate.demo.pl - Generate Graph::Easy::Marpa's html/index.html.
parse.pl - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.
Graph::Easy::Marpa - A Marpa-based parser for Graph::Easy::Marpa-style Graphviz files
Graph::Easy::Marpa::Actions - A namespace for Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser, called via Marpa
Graph::Easy::Marpa::Config - A Marpa-based parser for Graph::Easy::Marpa-style Graphviz files
Graph::Easy::Marpa::Filer - Some utils to simplify testing
Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser - A Marpa-based parser for Graph::Easy::Marpa files
Graph::Easy::Marpa::Renderer::GraphViz2 - This is the default rendering engine for Graph::Easy::Marpa
Graph::Easy::Marpa::Utils - Some utils to generate the demo page
Changes for version 2.01
    • Patch CPAN::Meta::Validator to not delete META.* (Module::Build does the dirty work).
    • Add use strict/warnings to Build.PL, Makefile.PL.
    • Fix typo in Makefile.PL prereq for Path::Tiny.
    • Clean up pre-reqs, removing File::Slurp and Text::CSV::Slurp.
    • Fix various typos which only affect the author.

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