Ron Savage

Changes for version 2.03

  • Patch so token names are not stored with double-quotes when input is double-quoted. This means renderers must double-quote things.
  • Patch so the graph's id has the tree node name of 'graph_id' and not 'node_id'.
  • Patch so subgraph ids have the tree node name of 'subgraph_id' and not 'node_id'.
  • Patch docs re See Also.
  • Fix typo in regexp in renderer.
  • Add method decode_port_compass($node).
  • Add method decode_node($node).
  • Add method decode_tree($tree). This examines the prolog to determine if the tree is 'strict' or not, and whether it is a 'digraph' or 'graph'.
  • Add t/decode.port.compass.t.
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