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Ron Savage
gem.pl - Run GraphViz2::Marpa::Lexer and GraphViz2::Marpa::Parser.
generate.code.attributes.pl - Generate GraphViz2::Marpa's html/code.attributes.html.
generate.demo.pl - Generate GraphViz2::Marpa's html/index.html.
generate.stt.pl - Generate GraphViz2::Marpa's html/stt.html.
lex.pl - Run GraphViz2::Marpa::Lexer.
parse.pl - Run GraphViz2::Marpa::Parser.
rend.pl - Run GraphViz2::Marpa::Renderer::GraphViz2
GraphViz2::Marpa - A Perl lexer and parser for Graphviz dot files
GraphViz2::Marpa::Config - A Perl lexer and parser for Graphviz dot files
GraphViz2::Marpa::Lexer - A Perl lexer for Graphviz dot files. Output goes to GraphViz2::Marpa::Parser.
GraphViz2::Marpa::Lexer::DFA - A Perl lexer for Graphviz dot files
GraphViz2::Marpa::Parser - A Perl parser for Graphviz dot files. Input comes from GraphViz2::Marpa::Lexer.
GraphViz2::Marpa::Renderer::GraphViz2 - A renderer for lexed and parsed Graphviz dot files
GraphViz2::Marpa::Utils - A Perl lexer and parser for Graphviz dot files
Changes for version 1.11
    • Install Graphviz 2.30.1 from AT&T.
    • Re-create the demo files. See scripts/generate.demo.sh.
    • Update META.json, META.yml, MYMETA.json and MYMETA.yml manually, since (after switching to just a Makefile.PL) I can't get make to do it for me.
    • Fix usage of Text::CSV_XS in Lexer.pm without a use stmt. Make it Text::CSV anyway, since that will use Text::CSV_XS if it's installed.

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