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Cory G Watson
Graphics::Primitive - Device and library agnostic graphic primitives
Graphics::Primitive::Aligned - Role for components that care about alignment.
Graphics::Primitive::Border - Line around components
Graphics::Primitive::Brush - Description of a stroke
Graphics::Primitive::Canvas - Component composed of paths
Graphics::Primitive::Component - Base graphical unit
Graphics::Primitive::ComponentList - List of Components
Graphics::Primitive::Container - Component that holds other Components
Graphics::Primitive::Driver - Role for driver implementations
Graphics::Primitive::Font - Text styling
Graphics::Primitive::Image - Image component
Graphics::Primitive::Insets - Space between things
Graphics::Primitive::Operation - A drawing instruction
Graphics::Primitive::Operation::Fill - Paint inside a path
Graphics::Primitive::Oriented - Role for components that care about orientation.
Graphics::Primitive::Paint - A source for drawing on a path
Graphics::Primitive::Paint::Solid - Solid patch of color
Graphics::Primitive::Path - Collection of primitives
Graphics::Primitive::TextBox - Text component
Changes for version 0.65
    • Make a TextLayout's component a weak_ref to prevent circular references.

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