Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 1.56

  • try an ugly workaround against Gtk's CONTINUED brokenness with regards to non-ascii filenames :(.
  • REALLY hide paths that are in the process of being removed from the Schnauzer.
  • when selecting entries, stat them all and fine their total size(s) + filesystem overhead after a delay.
  • take advantage of the Guard module.
  • work around mplayer grabbing the focus.
  • improve mplayer window size bug workaround. *sigh*.
  • try not to keep a handle to a guard file to avoid running into rename races with nfs.
  • work around perl bug #77798 in some parts.
  • slight namecluster speed improvement.
  • work around newer libmagic versions adding mime attributes.
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  • cv - a fast gtk+ image viewer loosely modeled after XV