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Changes for version 2.005_000 - 2021-01-20

  • remove MooseX::Types from developer prereqs
  • recommend Sub::Util rather than Sub::Name, since Sub::Util is in core
  • fix line numbers when using oo module (perl -Moo)
  • adjust some author tests to rely less on external modules
  • lower Exporter prereq to any version
  • bump Role::Tiny prereq to 2.003004
  • refactor and simplify role application code, as allowed by new Role::Tiny version
  • switch to using normal strict+warnings rather than strictures for authors
  • remove strictures from recommends, as Moo does not use it anywhere
  • remove Task::Weaken prereq, as it served no purpose
  • remove MRO::Compat prereq, using it only when user code does
  • remove use of Devel::GlobalDestruction in code, only using Devel::GlobalDestruction::XS when it is available. Devel::GlobalDestruction is still a dependency on perl < 5.14 to facilitate the installation of the ::XS module.
  • Moo now has no mandatory perl version specific dependencies. The version specific modules are now optional or not used. This means code using Moo can be fatpacked on a new perl version without special cases, and it will work on older perl versions.


Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility)
Minimal Object Orientation support for Roles
syntactic sugar for Moo oneliners


in lib/Method/Generate/Accessor.pm
in lib/Method/Generate/BuildAll.pm
in lib/Method/Generate/Constructor.pm
in lib/Method/Generate/DemolishAll.pm
in lib/Moo/HandleMoose.pm
in lib/Moo/HandleMoose.pm
in lib/Moo/HandleMoose/FakeMetaClass.pm
in lib/Moo/HandleMoose/_TypeMap.pm
in lib/Moo/Object.pm
in lib/Moo/_Utils.pm
in lib/Moo/sification.pm