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Changes for version 2.000027 - 2021-10-14

  • releasing as stable

Changes for version 2.000_026 - 2021-10-11

  • fix output redirection used in fish shell to work with newer versions
  • fix optional function used on Win32 for finding the current directory

Changes for version 2.000_025 - 2020-07-30

  • add documentation for --quiet option
  • added --always option to always add requested directory to env vars, even if they are already included
  • improve shell test to be more resiliant against custom init scripts
  • improved test diagnostics
  • reorganized documentation for bootstrapping into a non-standard directory
  • remove mentions of File::HomeDir from documentation, as it is no longer used


Erschaffen und benutzen von Perl Modulen in einem lokalen lib/ Verzeichnis mit PERL5LIB
crie e use um diretório lib/ local para módulos perl com PERL5LIB


Remove all non-core paths from @INC to avoid site/vendor dirs
create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL5LIB