1.0.2 $Id: CHANGES 28 2007-03-29 12:39:48Z hacker $
  - Fix bug in Stanza::_xpath_defined causing defined to pass when it shouldn't
    which broke GetTimeStamp
  - Added test get_time_stamps.test, disabled due to XML::Stream bug
    on Windows.
  - Copied *X subs from Net::Jabber::Message to Net::XMPP::Message
  - added debugging in some Protocol subs that didn't have it, but not all
  - disabled CODE checking in Protocol-Callback subs to be POE compatable
    Should be put into registration, not on callback, but didn't do that yet
  - changed mytestlib.pl to output more concise test names

  - Fixed bug in Execute() where it would not reconnect correctly.
    Thanks to bianchi.
  - Fixed bad xpath in iq:register.  Thanks to Julian Yon.
  - Fixed minor bug in tests thanks to Alexey Tourbin.
    to dsanot.
  - Fixed bug in default callbacks.  The inheritance model I was using
    was completely screwed up.

  - Should be stable enough for a 1.0 release.
  - More merges from Net::Jabber to make this stable.

  - Initial port from Net::Jabber.  This will ultimatly end up being
    an inheritable base for doing XMPP connections.  Net::Jabber will
    be re-written to use Net::XMPP for base connections and simply
    provide the Jabber extensions that the Jabber Software Foundation
    is managing.