DBIx::HTMLView::CGIListView - A List user interface for DBI databases


require DBIx::HTMLView::CGIListView; my @tabels = ("Users", "Groups");

$c=new DBIx::HTMLView::CGIListView($db, {}, \@tabels, new CGI) $c->PrintPage("this_file.cgi");

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This is a CGI interface based on the CGIView class (eg a subclass of) that allows you to select one table from a list at the top and lists the posts of that table at the botton with Show, Edit and Delete buttons for every line and below that a Add button allowing you to add new posts.

Most of it's properties can be customized by subclassing it and overrding.


$c=new DBIx::HTMLView::CGIListView($db, $fmt, $query, $tabs)

Initiats the viewer. $db and $fmt is the database specifier and format specification as descriped in the DBIx::HTMLView manual. $tabs is an array reference to an array listing the table that should show up in list at the top. $query is the cgi query as returned by "new CGI;".


Will print the html page, with links back to the cgi script $script. It is possible to chnage the contents of the list before calling this by chnaging the $self->{'Lst'} variable to a diffrent select query, before calling this method. The query has to select the table id as it's first variable. All other selected variables will be displayed in the list.


  Hakan Ardo <>