Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

Changes for version 0.140480

  • Added Data::Remember::Class to provide an object-oriented interface to the Data::Remember library. Actually, Data::Remember is now a functional wrapper around Data::Remember::Class.
  • Extracted teh init_brain, and process_que utility methods that are shared by Data::Remember::Class, Data::Remember::POE, and Data::Remember::Hybrid into a common Data::Remember::Util.
  • Switched to Class::Load from UNIVERSAL::require.
  • Added t/05-memory-overwrite.t test to make sure remember() and recall() work correctly when encountering non-hash values when traversing a que.
  • Modified Data::Remember so that the tests pass.
  • An undefined que now results in the request to remember(), recall(), forget(), etc. being ignored and a warning shown.
  • Added a DIAGNOSTICS section to Data::Remember to highlight the important messages of the main class.
  • Migrated to Dist::Zilla for managing releng. Added github README.
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