Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, <>

This is another Perl-based virtual file system module. I know that an API for
such a thing already exists in CPAN under the name of Filesys::Virtual, but I
consider File::System different and, in my opinion, superior.

The goal of the File::System module is to provide a very general framework for
providing access to a heirarchical data structure. Each member of this data
structure has a set of properties and is marked as containing "content" and/or
as a "container". Something that only provides content is analogous to a file.
Something that only contains other things is analogous to a directory. However,
this framework doesn't exclude the possibility that a thing could have the
features of both.

These features are important if one wishes to make a non-filesystem interface
appear as such. For example, this system allows for the possibility of an
LDAP-accessible database or RDBMS being used as if they were file systems. This
might seem a little senseless at first, but if we wish to provide a system for
mapping a VFS like this to URLs for web or other purposes, it begins to make
more sense.


This module is Module::Build based:

  perl Build.PL
  ./Build test
  ./Build install


Copyright 2005 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp. All Rights Reserved.

This library is distributed and licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.