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Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

Changes for version 0.11

  • Album loading sometimes failed because certain Moose attributes were set to be required when they shouldn't have been. (HT: Riccardo Mativi)
  • Migrating it to use my regulate Dist::Zilla setup (mostly)
  • Reorganized the project layout a little bit
  • Cleaned up the code a bit
  • Added calls to make_immutable to all classes, which should spead things up slightly.
  • Added some more attributes to control some of the previously hardcoded bits (like Google's URL and which namespaces to map in the API).
  • Added the xml_text() method to the base class to give "official" access to the internals of certain elements passed back by Google, but haven't been mapped to an attribute yet..
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  • picasa - master command for the Picasa Web scripts
  • picasa-get - fetch albums and photos from Google Picasa Web
  • picasa-list - list albums, photos, tags, or comments from Google Picasa Web