Revision history for Perl extension Tk::YANoteBook.

0.05  Mon Feb 12 2024
	changed option -closetabcall to call deletePage by default.
	updated documentation.
	adjusted the IsFull method to prevent oscillation. Hope it works.

0.04  Thu Sep 14 2023
	tidied up documentation.
	gave the NameTab widget it's own pm file
	added -autoupdate option
	added -onlyselect option
	addid -rigid option
	added -unselecttabcall option
	fixed some minor bugs
0.03  Fri Jun 9 2023
	fixed highlightthickness of tab buttons (set it to 0)
	fixed deep recursion issue on UpdateTabs
0.02  Thur Jun 8 2023
	Fixed alignment of tabs when tabside is left or right

0.01  Tue Jun 6 2023
	Initial release