Changes for version 1.43 - 2022-09-27

  • readline-8.2 support new functions rl_trim_arg_from_keyseq rl_set_timeout rl_clear_timeout rl_timeout_remaining new variables rl_eof_found rl_timeout_event_hook new state values for rl_readline_state RL_STATE_TIMEOUT RL_STATE_EOF
  • t/00checkver.t: check if $TERM is set properly [#11]
  • Makefile.PL
    • warn if $TERM is not set properly [#11]
    • fix for MSYS2: take care of `\r\n` in the output of rlmalloc
    • guess_malloc_names(): simplify the control structure
  • INSTALL: add a section for "MSYS2"
  • Gnu.xs: no more non-ANSI C compiler support (remove PARAM macros)
  •, Gnu.xs, Gnu/ expand tabs
  •, changed to Markdown


Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library