Bosko Devetak


Changes for version 0.020

    • Moved get uri generator code to separate method
    • Added tests for get uri generator
    • Moved multiget uri generation to separate method
    • Added tests for multiget uri generator
    • Added delete instance method (Robert Nilsson)
    • Added support for list of columns in get
    • Added support for number of versions in get
    • Added suport for timestamp range in get
    • Added test for timestamp range uri generator
    • Added option to override HBase timestamp on put
    • Standardized structure of error description hash generated in _extract_error_tiny
    • Bug fix for missing $url param in _extract_error_tiny call.
    • Fix warnings if response has no status (Eric Herman)
    • POD for new get options (get by column, version, timestamp range)
    • POD for multiget for last N versions
    • POD for put with HBase timestamp override
    • POD for delete (Robert Nilsson)