Yahoo::Lifestyle is a simple interface for Yahoo! Taiwan Lifestyle open APIs. And you will need the Yahoo::BBAuth for some authentication APIs. Before you use that, you have to register a appid and secret for APIs request.


This document describes version 0.1 of Yahoo::Lifestyle, released January 16, 2008.


use Yahoo::Lifestyle;

$life = Yahoo::Lifestyle({ appid => "Ea6oQPHIkY03GklWeauQHWPpPJByMjCDoxRxcW"}); $res = $life->Bizsearch({BizName => 'coffee', address => '', page => '3'); $list = $life->BizlistReviews({id => 'b4328e0fa8b25615', begin => '0', limit => '10'); print $res->{Biz}->{$_}->{Name} for (keys %{$res}); $life->bbauth({secret => $secret}); $bookmarks = $life->UserlistBookmarks;


Yahoo! Taiwan provides open APIs for local yellow page searching. Users can search the business information by search APIs. And developers can get the comments and feedback by the open APIs. It's a little complicate if developers want to implement the mashup or any other plugins by BBAuth provided by Yahoo. Yahoo::Lifestyle uses the Yahoo::BBAuth to make a simple interface for the developers who want to use the Lifestyle APIs.


For more methods, please just refer the Yahoo! Developers Network in Taiwan. <>


Hsin-Chan Chien <>


Copyright 2008 by Hsin-Chan Chien <>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.