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Config::Setting::FileProvider - return the contents of files.


  use Config::Setting::FileProvider;
  my $p = Config::Setting::FileProvider->new(Env => "MYRCFILES",
                                             Paths => ["/etc/myrc",
  my @contents = $p->provide();


This class presents an interface to file contents. It returns the contents of various files, in order to the application that requests it.

It is not intended that this class be used standalone, rather that it be used as part of the Config::Setting module.


new ( ARGS )

Create a new object. ARGS is a set of keyword / value pairs. Recognised options are:


The name of an environment variable to look at. If it exists, it will contain a colon separated list of paths to settings files.


A list of file paths to be used, in order, for settings files.

In both Env and Paths, you may use the tilde-notation ("~") to specify home directories.

Any files specified in Paths will also have an identical file searched for but with the hostname specified. This should make per-host customization simpler.

Any Env settings files will be looked at after any Paths settings files.

It is reccomended that you specify both parameters in the constructor.

provide ( )

Return a list of file contents, one per file read.


Dominic Mitchell, <cpan (at)>