Revision history for Clone-Choose

0.010   2018-04-09
    - Fix test if Module::Runtime not installed. Should fix RT#125045
      reported by Slaven Rezić.

0.009   2018-04-07
    - Added testcase for importing an unsupported backend function.
    - Added testcase for the get_backends() function.
    - Added testcase for when Module::Runtime is not available.

0.008   2017-10-27
    - Prove whether all prerequisites are available for a particular
      backend before the test starts.

0.007   2017-10-27
    - Fix simple test to not fail if preselected backend is not found.

0.006   2017-10-26
    - Use inline test templates to ńot fail if . is not in @INC.
    - Do more tests with the different backends.

0.005	2017-10-24
    - avoid distributing Sandbox - fixes GH issue#2 reported by Slaven Rezić

0.004   2017-10-24
    - Added get_backends() function which returns a list of currently
      supported backends.
    - Extended testing for the different clone() providing backends.
    - Introduce environment variable CLONE_CHOOSE_PREFERRED_BACKEND to let
      you preselect your favourite backend.

0.003	2017-10-16
    - Introduce a backend() debug helper to help identifying issues depending
      on underlying

0.002   2017-10-05
    - When using enforce minimum version 0.10.
    - Fix bug which caused clone() not to be exported in the correct namespace.

0.001   2017-09-27
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.