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Natal Ngétal
Net::Gandi - A Perl interface for gandi api
Net::Gandi::Client - A Perl interface for gandi api
Net::Gandi::Error - Internal class to manage error.
Net::Gandi::Hosting - Hosting interface
Net::Gandi::Hosting::Datacenter - Datacenter interface
Net::Gandi::Hosting::Disk - Disk interface
Net::Gandi::Hosting::IP - Ip interface
Net::Gandi::Hosting::Iface - Iface interface
Net::Gandi::Hosting::Image - Disk image interface
Net::Gandi::Hosting::VM - Vm interface
Net::Gandi::Operation - Operation interface
Net::Gandi::Role::XMLRPC - A Perl interface for gandi api
Net::Gandi::Transport::XMLRPC - A Perl interface for gandi api
Net::Gandi::Types - Net::Gandi types
Changes for version 1.122080
    • Optimise add make_immutable and no Moose, and be more use namespace::autoclean
    • Rename method call_rpc to api_call, to have more generic name

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