* v3.02 - 19th May 2018

No changes from v3.01_02

* v3.01_02 - 8th May 2018

BUG FIX: Uploads on MSWin32 were not correctly converted if the first
    character of a buffer was LF. Changed regex to negative lookarounds.

* v3.01_01 - 4th May 2018

BUG FIX: Uploads could fail if n * buffer_size fell inside the boundary
    marker. Thanks pru-mike (PR 1). (possibly fixes issue 116670)

BUG FIX: Changing the boundary marker for second and subsequent uploads
    causes errors. Thanks pru-mike (PR 1). (issue 125130)

Test suite enhanced: now with Test::Vars (0.12) and fix of tmp filename
    race condition.

* v3.01 - 10th December 2015

No changes from v3.00_02

* v3.00_02 - 27th November 2015

Dual subs/methods have improved detection of how they have been called.

Misc small documentation improvements.

* v3.00_01 - 15th October 2015

BUG FIX: Uploads with enctype "multipart/form-data" and at least one
    non-file param now process without warnings. (issue 107570)

* v3.00 - 21st May 2015

No changes from v2.99_04.

* v2.99_04 (pre-release for 3.0) - 18th May 2015

Uploaded files with duplicate field names are treated in the
same ways as other data with duplicate field names.

* v2.99_03 (pre-release for 3.0) - 5th April 2015

BUG FIX: Additional change to forms.t to prevent MS Windows systems
    hanging. (issue 103315)

* v2.99_02 (pre-release for 3.0) - 4th April 2015

Added force_unique_cookies method and equivalent parsing code and tests.

Improved test suite: better coverage, skipped failling tests for
Microsoft systems which don't use/honour normal permissions, silenced
noisy tests on older perls.

* v2.99_01 (pre-release for 3.0) - 31st March 2015

Source amended to pass perlcritic. String evals removed or replaced.
Strictures added to module and examples. All filehandles are now
lexicals. Consistent source formatting applied to module (perltidy).

deny_uploads and set_size_limit added.

All active public subroutines are now methods.

print_cookie_data and print_form_data have been removed. They had been
deprecated for well over a decade.

escape_dangerous_chars has been removed. It has been considered a
security risk since version 2.0.

* v2.04_05 - 11th October 2014

binmode forced on all file writes to avoid corruption when converting
EOLs on MSWin32.

* v2.04_04 - 8th October 2014

Conversion section of _store() replaced to remove dependence on \K
escape which was only introduced in perl 5.10.

* v2.04_03 - Not released

Upload tests fixed again to solve problems for MSWin32 users:
binmode had been erroneously left off the inputs.

Fixed generation of MYMETA/META files as spec 2.0 not yet supported
in the local build environment.

* v2.04_02 - 7th October 2014

Upload tests fixed to solve two problems for MSWin32 users:
permissions-based tests skipped and coversion algorithms for text MIME
types improved.

* v2.04_01 - 6th October 2014

Full test coverage of non-deprecated features.

BUG FIX: Multi-file uploads could break if the buffer end occured in the
    headers of one of the files. (issue 99294)

BUG FIX: $cgi->set_platform ('macintosh') erroneously set platform to
    'PC' because the regex was not anchored to the start. 'macintosh'
    now results in platform 'Mac' as it should.

Version control moved to git.

Makefile.PL extended to include resources (where available).

* v2.04 - 4th July 2014

Minor documentation fixes and explanation of the proposed split into
legacy/trunk branches. No code changes from 2.03_02.

* v2.03_02 - 17th June 2014

The uploads have had a minor change which may solve the windows size
difference failures. More diagnostics were added to the failures if it
does not.

* v2.03_01 - 13th June 2014

The test multi-part upload data in the test suite has been fixed to have
the correct (CRLF) line terminators. These tests should now pass for
Microsoft users.

The documentation has been amended to reflect the change of maintainer.

* v2.03 - 25th May 2014

Maintainer change: Pete Houston has taken over maintenance from Smylers.

A test suite has been created.

BUG FIX: Cleared up some uninitialised value warnings emitted when query
	strings are missing an entire key-value pair eg: "&foo=bar" (issue

BUG FIX: If the user calls parse_form_data as a class method without a
	query string, the method now gives up early and silently
	(issue 6180).

BUG FIX: In form-data uploads, the boundary string was not properly
	escaped and therefore would not match when it contained
	metacharacters (issue 29053).

BUG FIX: The content type for url-encoded forms now matches on the MIME
	type only, so additional charset fields are allowed (issues 16236,
	34827 and 41666).

BUG FIX: Leading/trailling whitespace is now stripped from cookie names
	and values.

BUG FIX: Cookies now no longer need to be separated by whitespace.
	Commas can now be used as separators too. (issue 32329).

BUG FIX: The semicolon is now a permitted delimiter in the query string
	along with the ampersand (issue 8212).

* v2.02 - May 18, 2003

I've taken over CGI::Lite.  Thanks to Andreas for making the security release,
and ensuring the transfer went so well.

url_decode now interprets "+"s correctly, as encoded spaces.

url_encode ensures that all hex-encodings are padded correctly, to 2 digits (so
"%09" for a tab, not "%9").  The fake-encoding done on standard input when
testing at the command-line has been fixed equivalently.

url_encode also converts spaces to "+"s and emits hex characters in upper-case,
since this what web-browsers seem to do.  Encoding is now performed on all but
known-safe characters, rather listing all the characters believed to be in need
of encoding.

The internal method _decode_url_encoded_data now uses url_decode, rather than
duplicating its content.

Thanks to Aaron Crane for the above fixes.

This file has been renamed from HISTORY to CHANGES, with the hope that that
will make it show up on search.cpan.org.

More development of this module is planned.  I'm making this release now to get
those bug fixes available as soon as possible, and to get the hang of making a
CPAN release.  Future changes will have tickets in the CPAN Request Tracker
queue for this distribution.

(The version number v2.01 has been skipped, to avoid possible confusion with

Smylers <smylers@cpan.org> 

* v2.001 - Feb 17, 2003

This 2.001 release is just an emergency release that fixes the most urgent
security need. It is not endorsed by the original author. It was put together
by me after the advisory on the bugtraq mailing list:

Thanks to Ronald F. Guilmette for bringing up this issue.

andreas koenig

* v2.0 - Aug 20, 2000 b.d.low@ieee.org

I (Ben Low) have assumed maintenance over CGI_Lite. First point of action 
(and probably last, the module is quite stable both bug- and feature-wise :-) 
is to change the name to fit in with perl's module naming conventions: 
CGI_Lite is dead, long live CGI::Lite.

* v1.9 - Jan 31, 1999; Apr 17, 2000 BDL

Added parse_new_form_data(), for use under persistant applications 
(e.g. FCGI, mod_perl). This function simply clears the CGI object's 
state before calling parse_form_data().
i.e. rather than creating a new CGI object for each request, you can 
now write
  $CGI = new CGI_Lite;
  while (FCGI::accept > 0)
      $Query = $CGI->parse_new_form_data();
      <process query>

Minor change in _decode_url_encoded_data() to avoid warnings when 
no value is provided in the query. 

All changes marked with "BDL". Ben Low <ben@snrc.uow.edu.au>

* v1.8 - May 10, 1997

Removed $` and $' from the code, and "optimized" an important regexp.
As a result, the module is much more efficient. Fixed a minor bug in 
multipart boundary parsing. Corrected an error when storing a key that 
has multiple values which caused more than one array to be allocated. 
Just a note: if you call get_multiple_values method with a scalar
value, the method no longer returns an undef, but the value itself.

As of this version, you can pass a request method (optional) to the 
parse_form_data method. This gives you a bit more flexibility when 
dealing with forms.

The set_file_type method now works as it should. In earlier versions,
CGI_Lite created "handles" in all cases. Added the close_all_files
method to close uploaded files that are opened as a result of passing
"handle" to set_file_type.

The print_form_data and print_cookie_data are deprecated as of this
version, but have not been removed (for compatibility reasons). It's 
better to use the print_data method, which prints the key/value pairs 
in the order they were parsed. As a side effect of this change,
if you want to parse form data and cookies in an application,
you have to create two instances of the CGI_Lite object, which
only makes sense.

Added the get_ordered_keys method which will return the list
of _keys_ in the order in which they were parsed. Modified the
wrap_textarea method; it now works properly.

Also, added the add_mime_type, remove_mime_type and get_mime_types
methods to deal with EOL translation based on MIME types. Added
the filter_filename method to alter the way in which uploaded
files are named. Added the add_timestamp method which allows you 
to turn off timestamps on uploaded files. NOTE: CGI_Lite no longer 
returns the full path of the uploaded file, but simply, the file name.

Added a set of miscellaneous functions: browser_escape, url_encode,
url_decode, is_dangerous, escape_dangerous_chars. CGI_Lite now handles
errors better; you can use the newly implemented is_error, and 
get_error_message methods. I've bought back the return_error
method, which you can use to return errors to the browser and
exit. However, this method no longer outputs the HTTP header,
as it did in versions prior to v1.7.

In addition, this version allows you to debug your CGI scripts
"offline" by letting you pass query information through standard
input. I got this idea from CGI.pm, though it's handled a bit
differently. Thanks Lincoln!

* v1.7 - December 28, 1996

Maybe, I should release this version as 2.0 :-) There were a lot of 
changes made:

    - *Totally* re-wrote the multipart form parsing algorithm. It's
      _much_ more efficient with large uploads. It still needs tweaking
      to remove the $` and $' -- maybe in the next release.
    - Multiple values per field are no longer returned as a null-character
      delimited string. Instead, a reference to an array is returned.
      You need to de-reference, or call the get_multiple_values method
      to get at the array. There was no way I could make this backward
      compatible. Please check your scripts, because a few might break.
      I apologize.
    - Fields containing more than one value in multipart forms are now
      handled correctly.      
    - Added the wrap_textarea method that allows you to neatly "wrap" 
      long strings.
    - You can now parse/decode cookies in much the same manner as forms.
    - When saving uploaded files, the module adds a timestamp. As of this
      version, the timestamp is added to the front of the file,
      as opposed to the end, so that file extensions are preserved.
      Note: this module makes no effort to URL decode the filename for
      security reasons.
    - Added the following new methods: set_buffer_size, parse_cookies,
      print_cookie_data, wrap_textarea, get_multiple_values and
    - Removed the return_error subroutine and, instead, added _error,
      which dumps a message to STDERR and dies.
    - You can now install this module in a convenient manner. Also,
      fixed up the docs, moved this list of revisions from the module
      to a separate file, and added a directory with simple examples.
    - Fixed up numerous little bugs, including the "Use of uninitialized..."

* v1.62 - January 17, 1996

Modified the parse_multipart_data subroutine so that it
returns the name of the file as the filehandle -- if set_file_type
function is called with the "handle" parameter.

Added the function determine_package to determine the 
calling package.

* v1.61 - January 1, 1996

Fixed a minor bug that resulted in end of line characters being removed
from certain binary files.

* v1.6 - December 30, 1995

Added code to handle other header information that the browser might
send after the "Content-Disposition" header.

Added set_platform function so that uploaded text files display

The function set_file_type no longer returns a status.

Fixed spacing within code.

* v1.5 - November 13, 1995

Corrected two major bugs that caused several fields to be lost (when
the fields before them were either too small or too large).

Added code to make sure that there are no "\r\n" characters in the
regular form fields. Textarea elements and fields that contain uploaded
information from different platforms (i.e Macintosh and PC) will
contain "\r" characters.

* v1.4 - October 15, 1995

Added pod style documentation. Now you can see this manual page by doing
the following:

    pod2man CGI_Lite.pm | nroff -man | more

Also, modified the parse_form_data method so that it can return
the actual associative array (if called within an array context).

* v1.3 - October 12, 1995

Completely modified the parse_multipart_data method. It no longer
reads the multipart message line by line, but rather in small size
blocks (or "chunks"). This also eliminated a major bug that caused
Netscape to hang.

Since some browsers do not send a "\r\n" character string at the end
of header lines, the parse_multipart_data method conditionally checks
for and removes them. This also allows you to emulate a multipart/form-data
request by storing a sample request in a file and piping it to your program:

    cat multipart.txt | test.pl

* v1.2 - October 12, 1995

Added the set_file_type method to return filehandles for the stored

* v1.1 - October 10, 1995

The environment variable CONTENT_TYPE is used to determine the type of
encoding scheme. In v1.0, the body of the POST request was parsed.

This module no longer outputs an error message if an invalid directory
is passed to the set_directory method. Instead, it returns a status
of 0 to indicate failure.

* v1.0 - September 26, 1995

Initial Release