Algorithm::SISort - Implementation of Select And Insert sorting
    algorithm in C

      use Algorithm::SISort qw(Sort Sort_inplace);
      @sorted_list = Sort {$_[0] <=> $_[1]} @unsorted_list;
      # ... or ...
      Sort_inplace {$_[0] <=> $_[1]} @unsorted_list;

    This module implements a sorting algorithm I saw in BIT 28 (1988) by
    István Beck and Stein Krogdahl. This implementation is mainly intended to
    try out the Inline module by Brian Ingerson. The algorithm is a
    combination of *Straight Insertion Sort* and *Selection Sort*. While
    *Insertion Sort* and *Selection Sort* both are of complexity O(n**2),
    *Select and Insert Sort* should have complexity O(n**1.5).

    This module defines the functions "Sort" and "Sort_inplace", which have
    signatures similar to the internal "sort" function. The difference is
    that a codref defining a comparison is always required and that the two
    values to compare are always passed in "@_" and not as "$a" and "$b".
    (Although I might change that later.)

    "Sort" returns a sorted copy if the array, but "Sort_inplace" sorts the
    array in place (as the name suggests) and returns the number of
    comparisons done. (Note that the sorting is always done in place, "Sort"
    just copies the array before calling the internal sort routine.)

    This is the first serious (i.e. not "Hello World") C-extension I've
    done, so I suspect I've screwed around with the ref counts of the list
    entries. Until I've confirmed that there are no memory leaks, I caution
    people not to use this piece of code in any production system.

    Any bug-reports, comments and patches are very welcome at my email
    address below.

    the Inline man page, the Inline::C man page, and *A Select And Insert
    Sorting Algorithm* by István Beck and Stein Krogdahl in *BIT 28 (1988),

    Hrafnkell F. Hlodversson,

    Copyright 2001, Hrafnkell F Hlodversson

    All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used,
    redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic