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Revision history for Perl extension Algorithm::SISort.

0.14  Sat Mar 02 19:00 GMT 2003
        - Added information on how to install the package to the 
          README file.
        - Added a reference to to the documentation
	- Made Makefile.PL fallback to ExtUtils::MakeMaker if
          Inline::MakeMaker is not available. Hopefully allowing
          for seamless installation or upgrade of Inline when installing
          through the CPAN shell.

0.13  Sat Mar 01 02:00 GMT 2003
        - Moved into the root of the package to
          work around a bug where Inline::MakeMaker does not specify
          the path up to the .pm file to process in the Makefile.
        - Updated my email address in the documentation

0.12  Jun 01 2001
	- ran the documentation files through a spell checker
	- updated package to use Inline 0.40's Inline::MakeMaker
	  The package now requires Inline v 0.40 to install

0.11  Mon Feb 19 12:58 GMT 2001
	- added time zones to the Changelog
	- changed Sort() to only copy the input array once.
	- some minimal error checking added on the parameters to
	- removed the need for a sentinel at the front of the
	- corrected some spelling errors in the documentation

0.10  Sun Feb 18 23:31 GMT 2001
	- renamed to Algorithm::SISort
	- initial packaging and release

0.01  Sun Feb 18 13:28 GMT 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-AXn Sort::SiSort