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Andy Lester
HTML::Lint - check for HTML errors in a string or file
HTML::Lint::Error - Error object for the Lint functionality
HTML::Lint::HTML4 - Rules for HTML 4 as used by HTML::Lint.
HTML::Lint::Parser - Parser for HTML::Lint. No user-serviceable parts inside.
Test::HTML::Lint - Test::More-style wrapper around HTML::Lint
Changes for version 2.20
    • Sometimes creating HTML::Lint-compliant HTML just isn't possible.
    • Now, you can now turn individual errors on and off in your HTML
    • via comment directives, like so: <!-- html-lint elem-img-sizes-missing: off, attr-unknown: off -->
    • And if you have a batch of code that's hopeless: <!-- html-lint all: off -->
    • Added check for unknown entities, such as "&foo;".
    • Added check for unclosed entitities, such as "&amp" without the
    • closing semicolon.
    • Added a check for a bare ampersand that should be written as &amp;

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