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HTML::Widget::Factory - churn out HTML widgets
HTML::Widget::Plugin - base class for HTML widgets
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Attrs - an HTML attribute string
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Button - a button for clicking
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Checkbox - it's either [ ] or [x]
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Image - an image object
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Input - the most basic input widget
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Multiselect - widget for multiple selections from a list
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Password - for SECRET input
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Radio - a widget for sets of radio buttons
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Select - a widget for selection from a list
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Submit - for submit type inputs
HTML::Widget::Plugin::Textarea - a widget for a large text entry box
Changes for version 0.202
    • in plugins that subclass Input, be sure to pass all arguments when calling SUPER::rewrite_args; this should eliminate some warnings when adding default classes

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