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  • HTTP::BrowserDetect - Determine Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string

Changes for version 2.01

  • Handle "CriOS" entries correctly (andrewmoise)
  • Only detect java when no browser is detected, and make UCBrowser a detected browser (andrewmoise)
  • Detect "tablet" on Kindle Fire (and Chrome on Android tablets in general) (andrewmoise)
  • Distinguish Android tablets in device_string (andrewmoise)
  • Handle CriOS, rubylib, golib, and Dalvik (andrewmoise)
  • Detect "Mobilesafari/" as Mobile Safari (andrewmoise)
  • Detect "Windows 2000" as Win2k (andrewmoise)
  • Only detect NCR Unix on word boundary (andrewmoise)
  • Try tighter detection of robot names based on fragments (andrewmoise)
  • Fix java detection to be more strict (andrewmoise)
  • Fix up Android tablet detection (andrewmoise)
  • Add proper detection for old Windows versions in Opera (andrewmoise)
  • Add apache http client detection (andrewmoise)
  • Fix detection of SCO Unix to trigger fewer false positives (andrewmoise)
  • Correct detection of (most) robots based on "+http://blah" (andrewmoise)