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HTTP::Headers::ActionPack - HTTP Action, Adventure and Excitement
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AcceptCharset - A Priority List customized for Media Types
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AcceptLanguage - A Priority List customized for Media Types
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AuthenticationInfo - The Authentication-Info Header
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization - The Authorization Header factory
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization::Basic - The Basic Authorization Header
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization::Digest - The Digest Authorization Header
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::ContentNegotiation - A class to handle content negotiation
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderWithParams - A Base header type with parameters
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::LinkList - A List of Link objects
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::MediaTypeList - A Priority List customized for Media Types
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Util - General Utility module
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::WWWAuthenticate - The WWW-Authenticate Header
Changes for version 0.09
    • If a header param's value somehow ended up as undef, this would produce an unitialized value warning. (Dave Rolsky)

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