package HTTP::Headers::Fast::XS;

use strict;
use warnings;
use XSLoader;

our $VERSION = '0.001';

require HTTP::Headers::Fast; # make sure it's loaded
XSLoader::load( 'HTTP::Headers::Fast::XS', $VERSION );

*HTTP::Headers::Fast::_standardize_field_name =

*HTTP::Headers::Fast::push_header =

*HTTP::Headers::Fast::_header_get =

*HTTP::Headers::Fast::_header_set =

#*HTTP::Headers::Fast::_header_push =
#    *HTTP::Headers::Fast::XS::_header_push;




=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

HTTP::Headers::Fast::XS - XS implementation of HTTP::Headers::Fast

=head1 VERSION



    # load once
    use HTTP::Headers::Fast::XS;

    # keep using HTTP::Headers::Fast as you wish


By loading L<HTTP::Headers::Fast::XS> anywhere, you replace any usage
of L<HTTP::Headers::Fast> with the XS implementation.

You can continue to use L<HTTP::Headers::Fast> and any other module that
depends on it just like you did before. It's just faster now.

This is still B<EXPERIMENTAL> and in development. Try it out, enjoy, and use
at your own risk.

=head1 METHODS

Implemented methods in XS:

=head2 push_header

=head2 _header_get

=head2 _header_set

=head2 _standardize_field_name

=head1 CREDITS

=over 4

=item * p5pclub


=head1 AUTHORS

=over 4

=item * Sawyer X C<< xsawyerx AT cpan DOT org >>

=item * Andrei Vereha C<< avereha AT cpan DOT org >>

=item * Steven Lee C<< stevel AT cpan DOT org >>

=item * Gonzalo Diethelm C<< gonzus AT cpan DOT org >>

=item * Rafaƫl Garcia-Suarez - for asking for it.