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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
hailo - Command-line interface to the Hailo Markov bot
Hailo - A pluggable Markov engine analogous to MegaHAL
Hailo::Command - Class for the hailo command-line interface to Hailo
Hailo::Engine::Default - The default engine backend for Hailo
Hailo::Engine::Scored - MegaHAL-style reply scoring for Hailo
Hailo::Role::Arguments - A role which adds an 'arguments' attribute
Hailo::Role::Engine - A role representing a Hailo engine backend
Hailo::Role::Storage - A role representing a Hailo storage backend
Hailo::Role::Tokenizer - A role representing a Hailo tokenizer
Hailo::Role::UI - A role representing a Hailo UI
Hailo::Storage - A base class for Hailo storage backends
Hailo::Storage::MySQL - A storage backend for Hailo using DBD::mysql
Hailo::Storage::PostgreSQL - A storage backend for Hailo using DBD::Pg
Hailo::Storage::SQLite - A storage backend for Hailo using DBD::SQLite
Hailo::Storage::Schema - Deploy the database schema Hailo uses
Hailo::Tokenizer::Chars - A character tokenizer for Hailo
Hailo::Tokenizer::Words - A tokenizer for Hailo which splits on whitespace and word boundaries, mostly.
Hailo::UI::ReadLine - A UI for Hailo using Term::ReadLine
Changes for version 0.72
    • Our tests have been broken on perl 5.19.* (soon to become 5.20.*) for a while because of the new warnings about given/when being experimental, which would fail one of the tests where we weren't expecting extra output when testing our command-line invocation. But the whole use of given/when and ~~ in the codebase was just a stupid youthful indiscretion, those features of perl suck, this release kills all uses of them with fire in favor of just using if/elsif and =~, which is all we used them for anyway.

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